monitoring and support
servers 24/7

  • We design and create architecture

  • We monitor the vital signs of the server

  • We anticipate a lot of problems even before they arise

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There are no hidden fees and overpayments

Support for a typical project

Around the clock, seven days a week and holidays

  • Connecting to the monitoring of vital signs of the server

  • Fine-tuning and optimization of each component of the server

  • Backup automation

  • Round-the-clock monitoring

  • Response to problems within 15 minutes according to SLA

from 500 $ / month

Order support

Projects with multiple servers are calculated individually

One-time jobs 35 $ / hour

Solving problems with a job guarantee. A great option for dating in order to sign a long-term contract later

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35 $ / hour

Basic setup

Configuring the server taking into account the technical requirements necessary for the operation of almost any site

Performance optimization

Fine-tuning based on the available system resources and the nature of your projects on the server. Maximize the efficiency of your projects

Server Security Audit

Finding and fixing any problems with the security of your server. Installing and configuring antivirus programs, updating all necessary software to the latest versions

One-time jobs 35 $ / hour Pay with PayPal

IRBR announces the expansion of its IT outsourcing services.
The company offers new solutions to optimize IT infrastructure and improve the efficiency of business processes.

We know what a service is

Fast document management and response to requests from your accounting and finance department

Around the clock

Without days off, holidays and lunch break. We work even on New Year's Eve

Service Level Agreement

We fix our responsibility in the contract and guarantee the reaction time to problems

We keep a trade secret

We conclude an agreement on non-disclosure of confidential information


Fine-tuning monitoring. We anticipate problems even before they arise


Administrators do not know passwords. We use SSH keys for authorization

A special approach

We develop individual solutions. Optimize costs

Advantages and only

Reducing the tax burden

Our team

  • More than 10 years of experience. Support for the public sector and large companies
  • Our employees do not get sick and do not take time off
  • 168 hours a week, without lunch break, vacations and weekends
  • Our employees do not drink coffee or smoke, they are always in touch
  • We do not hack, we work 100%%
  • We are in touch around the clock seven days a week
  • Reports on all works
1000 can be included in expenses

$ per month, is an administration service

Your sysadmin

  • The experience of one specialist is often not enough
  • 14% more often than other employees take sick leave and time off
  • It works only during business hours
  • Goes on paid leave
  • It takes 5 hours a week for lunch and 9 for a smoke break
  • I don't understand what I'm doing
  • Doesn't pick up the phone when it's needed
  • Increases the tax burden
1500 + tax 215 $

$ per month, is the average salary in Dubai

We use it in our work

Docker Swarm Kubernetes Prometheus Zabbix Grafana MySQL PostgreSQL Redis RabbitMQ Python/Bash apache/nginx httpd/php-fpm FreeBSD/GNU Linux Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Platform Microsoft Azure and much more...

The companies we work with

From small online business to to large international corporations

Leave a request and we will contact you at the specified time

We work 24/7 without days off and holidays

5 million people visit our support sites every day

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